• The complete Liqui Moly car service package for petrol cars
  • Labour charges and oil filter included
  • 1. Liqui Moly Engine Flush

    Highly effective detergent additives in Engine Flush cleans interior engine before oil change.

  • 2. Liqui Moly Semi Synthetic 10W-40 MoS2

    Extra wear protection through MoS2 solid lubricants.

  • 3. Liqui Moly MoS2 Oil Additive

    The smooth running lubricant MOS2 Forms a heavy duty lubricating film on all rubbing and sliding surfaces.

  • 4. Hydraulic Lifter Additive

    Prevents hydro tappet noise. 

  • 5. Liqui Moly Injection Cleaner

    Removes deposits on injection valves, intake valves, spark plugs and in the combustion chamber and prevents them from reforming.

Liqui Moly 5 in 1 Engine Oil + Additives Service Package

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RM378.00Sale Price