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DTOX Car Service

We change your oil, not your schedule


Drive-Thru Concept

It is through thorough planning and repetitive practices, our staff here are trained to work as a team, in order to provide quality servicing for your car in the most efficient manner.

During your service, several mechanics will work simultaneously at different parts of your car according to their assigned standard operating procedure.

Just drive in and get your car service done while you wait in your car. Enjoy a good cup of coffee for free and before you know it, you'll be good to go!


No Appointment Needed

Unlike other service centers where customers have no choice but to adjust their schedule just for an oil change service that takes only a short while..

At DTOX, no bookings are needed, all you need to do is to drive in for a oil change service at your own convenience seven days a week. A typical oil change service takes only 20 minutes and you are good to go.

                 "We change your oil, not your schedule"

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No Hidden Fees

All products and package prices are transparent. We let customers choose our products and services from our pricing menu, whereby the total amount is presented upfront before the service is performed.

We do not hard sell, or cross sell, or imply any form of pressure to close a sale.

What you see is what you pay for and that's how it should be done.

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Our Services
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Oil Change

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Inspection with Lube Top-up

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Major Service

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Transmission Oil Change

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Battery Replacement

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Wiper Blade Replacement

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Spark Plug Replacement

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Tyre Services

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Air Filtration System Service

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Brake System Service

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Headlamp and Bulb Service

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